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anticipatory bail lawyers in Chandigarh - Article 6 deals with Evidence which is generally to be made known to all interested parties except where the information is confidential. Let us take a birds eye"view of its relevant Articles. According to the respondents, they having perfected their title over the suit-land by adverse possession, their names should have been entered in place of the appellants names in the records of the Municipality. 8 have ample connection with the matter at hand and hence they are extracted herein below: The rule was amended in pursuance of the suggestion of the High Court in order to overcome the difficulty which arose in the absence of requisite power to-alter the busstands.

The following rights are attached to these shares as regards dividends, voting rights and redemption " Preference shares shall carry a fixed cumulative free of Income-tax dividend @ of 6% per annum in preference to ordinary or any other class of shares. Jitendra Singh, advocate, appearing for Meghmani Organics Ltd. Paragraphs 2, 4, 5 and 8 under Article 6, shown as paragraphs 6. in the lead case, reiterated the submissions noted earlier.

In special circumstances the DA may initiate an investigation even without a written application provided it has sufficient evidence of dumping. 1995 in exercise of powers conferred by sub-section (6) of Section 9A and sub- section (2) of Section 9B of the Act. According to his submissions also there is no conflict between law laid down in Sterlite Industries case and in Reliance Industries case. The Central Government framed and notified the rules on 01.

The District Collector was not acting in the exercise of judicial or quasi-judicial functions so that his -action can be subjected -to the scrutiny which is permissible in the case of a judicial officer. 1 challenging therein the assessment made by the Municipality by which appellants names were entered in the register of Municipality in relation to the suit-land/structure. nIt was suggested that the act of the Municipality was mala fide and reference was made to paragraphs 18 and 19 of the appellant's affidavit dated November 20, 1950.

She put it in this way nBut the petitioner attacked the provisions on the ground of discrimination. He also submitted that in fact the appeal against Meghmani Organics Ltd. Under this Agreement all the members including India concurred on the broad principles for applying anti-dumping measures only under the circumstances provided for in Article VI of GATT 1994 and pursuant to investigation in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

A time limit of one year to eighteen months is prescribed for concluding the investigation. There is, however, no anticipatory bail advocates chandigarh material to support this suggestion. She said that even anticipatory bail advocates chandigarh assuming the new classification anticipatory bail advocates chandigarh of detentions into those before and after the 30th of September, 1952, to be good, section 11-A is nevertheless discriminatory because it discriminates amongst those in her class,, namely those whose detentions were made and confirmed before the 30th of September. They refer merely to the vagueness of the ground of public convenience and to he amendment of the rule not being bona fide.

There is no dispute that the Rules are based largely upon an International Agreement on implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (for brevity GATT 1994). The mere fact that in the first notice certain grounds were mentioned which were not adhered to in the second notice and convenience of the travelling public was alone mentioned as the ground cannot lead to the 301 inference that the order was mala fide.

The initiation has to be generally upon a written application by or on behalf of the domestic industry. It is significant that no allegation about mala anticipatory bail advocates chandigarh fides was made before the High Court and the question was never discussed there. In the petition for special leave to appeal though there is reference to the ground of inconvenience being vague, yet there is no suggestion of mala fides. The question about mala fides appears to have been raised for the first time in paragraph 4 (f) and (g) of the statement of the case.

has also become infructuous. Article 5 of the Agreement contains provisions for initiation of investigation and its completion in respect of an alleged dumping. The suggestion is that be did not bring to bear upon the anticipatory bail chandigarh high court question an impartial and unbiased mind. We do not think there is any merit in this contention We hold that the plea of mala fides has not It was also urged that the resolution is invalid as the District Collector who presided over the meeting of the Transport Authority which passed this resolution had opened the new Municipal bus-stand on April I, 1950.

He, was acting purely in his executive capacity and his conduct in presiding over the meeting of the Transport Authority in the exercise of his normal functions and also opening the Municipal stand which he was entitled to do as the head of the District, does not affect the validity or fairness of the order complained against.