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You have to realize that when I work with someone, being a dating architect, it teaches somebody a foundation. I address each person's unique skill set on a one-on-one basis. By doing that and addressing their unique skill set, I'm then able in turn to figure out what the game plan's going to be based upon each person's unique personality. So you're not going to be walking around as "card trick guy." You're going to be walking around as the passionate guy who loves art. You're walking around as the guy who has an intense amount of information on geography or politics. And you're going to places where your actually meeting women based upon your likes and your dislikes. It's stale. You can't use one trick - or even five tricks - in every situation. I'm going to leave you on this note. Either you want to be the Barney's of dating or you want to be the Wal-Mart of dating. Do you want to be the guy who they've seen in every strip mall? Do you want to be like Jamba Juice, Structure or The Gap? They've already seen you. Fifty guys are wearing your same t-shirt around town. There's a reason why all those guys are wearing the same t-shirt and think the same way. The fact is that you want to distinguish yourself from everybody else. You don't want to go to the one-stop shop and be the Wal-Mart of dating. You want to be the Barney's of dating. You want to be the guy who everybody else emulates.

While recently browsing through the Akashic Records of the Universe, I discovered that the greatest relationship advice counselor to have ever incarnated on Earth was Ughh, a caveman born in 123,566 B.C. My local Rent-A-Psychic outlet provided a channeler and now thanks to her unique talent, I am bringing you Ughh's eternal nepali online dating -, wisdom and answers to your dating and relationship questions. I've been dating my current girlfriend for Toby 23 years. She's 45 and I'm 48. She tells me she needs her own space and has taken time off and on to find herself. Lately I've realized I'd like to get married and have children but she is still telling me she is not yet ready for committment and needs to get her head together before settling down. What should I do? Find a girl who is a good cook and has a fast hand for catching grasshoppers. Feed the hot heart of an antelope to her mother and father and the liver to her. Then, if she tries to crawl back under the bearskin of her mother and father, they will kick her until she returns to you. After you have fed her five antelope livers or the winds of the Gods have planted a cub in her womb, she will remain yours until the walls of ice to the north melt. I am 35 years old and have not had a second date since college. The women tell me I'm too nice of a guy for them and they just want to be friends.
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I have also been hurt, and I extend the same understanding to myself that I do to others. We have all been doing the best that we knew how with the awareness we had to work with. My willingness to make amends speaks to my spiritual growth and desire for honesty. Making amends to others sets things straight with myself. My self-respect is growing to the extent that I am no longer comfortable with unfinished business. I will finish up my side for my own self and allow the rest to be where it is. It is for myself that I forgive; I do not need to control the result. Although loving and being loved is an important aspect of balance in our lives-relationships are never the solution to drinking and other drug taking. We sometimes focus on the strong emotion of love from another rather than face loving ourselves by working the program. Today I 'act as if' I am worth loving. All it takes to start a new meeting is a resentment and a coffeepot. I am putting a large STOP sign to all my negative self-talk today. My father was the kind of drunk who made anybody you put next to him look sober. Nobody really knew my mother was alcoholic until my father died - You can't see the moon while the sun's out.

What they like, or don't like, what annoys them or makes them laugh. It is now though that you will really want to be the one who makes them laugh, happy and content. Their happiness is becoming your number one priority. Up until this point one or both of you may have been dating other people at the same time. If you've got this far, it is time to starting letting the other people down gently and start building a future with your partner. Welcome to your new relationship. Remember, all relationships take time and investment from each person. You cannot just sit back on your laurels and think that your fairy-tale will last forever. Appreciate your partner, communicate with them and always let them know and feel how much you appreciate them. Eye contact is very important in any form of communication. It can let the person know that you are interested in what they are talking about or that they are completely boring you. You can also tell a persons true mood by how the keep eye contact with you. Are they happy, sad, annoyed or maybe attracted to you?